We are proud to have powerful brokers and leading issuers, this gives us a lot of confidence for further rapid growth. Pascal Beaud
Managing Director of Xervices GmbH

Xervices GmbH – Operator of L.O.X.

The Xervices GmbH, with his headquater in Frankfurt, is the operator of the over the counter (OTC) limit order management system L.O.X. (Limit Order Xervices).
The company is a 100 percent subsidiary of flatexDEGIRO AG, which is responsible for the technical development and enhancement of the limit order management system.

One of our main goals at Xervices GmbH and flatexDEGIRO AG remains the supply of additional order functions as well as the in-time connection of additional trading participants (brokers) and products plus the the further internationalisation of L.O.X.

Limit Order Xervices

limit monitoring system

L.O.X. is a limit monitoring system for the OTC limit order trade with different issuers.

iLOX - Web Frontend

Web Frontend

Brokers may use iLOX to place, modify or delete orders on L.O.X. via the internet and a strong user authentication.

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